A great app for expressing yourself no matter where you are.

Available on the App Store

At your convenience.

Whenever you think of something, Jotunheim will hold it for you. Just pull out your iPhone and start writing or shooting.

Before you know it, you'll have a collection of the thoughts and events of your life that you can easily review and search.

Post everywhere.

Jotunheim can post your entries to:

It can post to all of them at once, just one of them, or none of them.

You can keep all of your people up-to-date, even if they're not all on the same social network. Just write, then tap.

Jotunheim can post text, photos, and video.

Makes it easy.

Jotunheim demo

Keep your writing forever.

In addition to flying cars and space karate, what makes the future interesting is that you don't quite know what's going to be around.

The dominant social networks might not be around anymore. Or perhaps you'll have quit some of them. But you'll still have your entries in Jotunheim, and you'll be able to easily browse and search them. You can delete accounts without fear.

Or if you've moved on from Jotunheim, you'll have your entries in a text file that you can take anywhere because Jotunheim lets you export your entries in an open format.


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